Can You Overdose on Bach Flower Remedies?

Can you overdose on Bach Flower Remedies? This is a question I am sometimes asked by people who are unfamiliar with Bach Flower Remedies. I answer with an emphatic ‘No’.

Bach Flower Remedies are totally safe and have no side effects and therefore Bach Flower therapy is a risk free system to use in self-healing. Even though 50% of the remedy stock bottle comprises of brandy acting as a very effective natural preservative, only 2 drops of this remedy will be used in a 30 ml bottle of spring water to make up a treatment bottle. The contents of this treatment bottle will be taken over a 3 week period so the alcohol content is almost negligible. Typically a treatment bottle may hold seven remedies comprising of 14 drops of the stock bottle remedies. If a young child were to consume the whole contents of a treatment bottle they will come to no harm, as the tiny amount of alcohol present in the bottle is too small to have any effect.

There are no plant parts present in any Bach Flower treatment and therefore there are no physical components of any concentration to constitute an overdose. The active elements of each Bach flower remedy is the floral vibration at which it spins, much like the protons and neutrons spinning around the nucleus of every atom of a substance. Science has shown that thoughts are an energetic entity now detectable by sophisticated imaging devices. It is only a question of time for science to catch up further and show the vibrational energy of emotions. Every emotion is preceded with a thought. The Bach Flower Remedies spin at their own particular vibrational level which helps harmonize the emotional energy that is otherwise functioning disharmoniously and causing disease.

We cannot overdose on Bach Flower Remedies as we cannot overdose on vibrational energy, yet this source of healing works without interfering with any drugs, meaning they can be safely taken alongside all conventional medication.

Forgive Those Who Hurt You… and Heal Your Immune System

It would seem the easiest thing to do: forgiving someone when they hurt us, Yet it poses an immense challenge for most people. Old hurts slowly fester deep down in our psyche causing continuing resentment as well as sudden outbursts of distress, surreptitiously impacting on our health.

So, how do we deal with this situation? Well the first step is to forgive the offending person. This does not mean we condone what they have done. We just acknowledge the hurt and let go of it therefore releasing the lumps of anger within us. The offender doesn’t even know how intensely distressed we are with all this hurt and pain.

Over time this form of stress creates an altered bio chemistry in our bodies resulting in the breakdown of our cells causing ill-health and compromising our immune system.

By allowing ourselves to feel this continual anger towards someone only results in us being hurt more on a regular basis. In a sense we have allowed this person to gain power over us. Not only do we feel grossly dishonoured but we are also giving away our own personal power and allowing them to have a hold on us. So lets stop this anguish today!

We need to externalize the anger. This can be done in a number of ways. You can either rip up a whole load of newspapers whilst directing your words of anger at the offender until you have exhausted your anger. Or, you shape some plasticine representing your offender, jabbing it whilst releasing your anger. Alternatively, imagine yourself meeting with the person, telling them your exact feelings. You imagine their response back and continuing this repartee, until you feel it has been resolved. Sometimes using a mirror helps to do this. Another way is to punch a pillow whilst shouting out profanities. My favourite, is the writing down of all your thoughts in a letter addressing it to the person. Then you screw up the letter, throw it on the floor, jumping up and down on it, whilst also shouting out whatever you wish. Next, get an empty tin, place it safely outdoors and rip the letter into small bits into the tin and set the paper alight, knowing it is now the end of the matter as the letter burns safely in the tin leaving just ash. However, there is sometimes a residue of anger remaining so we may need to repeat it another day until all the anger is gone. The important thing is to find a way of releasing your anger whichever activity you decide to choose to do.

Now recognise that everyone on this planet is doing the best they can, for if they knew how to do it any better, they certainly would. The fact that they could hurt you in the way they did may means that they themselves are in a position of distress, or they have indeed lost their own personal power to someone else causing them to behave irrationally or foolishly. For long term resentment the Bach flower remedy Willow is taken. Letting go of the past is enhanced with the remedy Honeysuckle whilst the remedy Walnut helps you through the transition towards gaining greater peace of mind. Now enjoy better health!

Always Troubled By Money Problems?

It does seem that life is a costly business: no sooner the money is in your bank or in your pocket, it just seems to exasperatingly disappear before you reach the end of the month. Again and again. So why is it that your friends earn the same as you, play the same as you and yet they have more of it to spend on holidays, etc?

It is very likely down to your ‘money consciousness’. So how do we resolve this situation for the better?

Firstly, we need to look at your attitude towards money and what beliefs you have around the subject. What messages did you grow up with? For instance if you heard ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ The likes of us will always be poor’ You really have to struggle if you want to make decent money’ ‘Money is the root of all evil’ then its likely these kind of comments are still echoing in your mind reinforcing your negative beliefs around money. What you believe and feel, is being mirrored out to you.

Firstly money isn’t evil, it is just a currency of your personal worth. So, (a) start valuing yourself more and (b) recognise that money has the ability to lift desperate people out of despair as many charities will show. Money like most things can be used for absolute good or of course misused and abused by those with low integrity.

To improve your money consciousness and self value, you need to change your beliefs so you hear yourself saying’ I am a money magnet’, ‘I am naturally prosperous and attract a comfortable life’. I earn enough to pay all my bills easily and more besides’. We need you to create as much conviction with the new beliefs as you already hold with your old ones, but of course, you need to eradicate the old ones altogether. So visualize yourself laughing with joy as you open cupboards packed with money, see yourself enjoying that Rolex watch you have always wanted, see yourself enjoying your favourite hobbies, jet-skiing, surfing, flying a plane, travelling the world, driving your favourite sports car. The images are endless. Next you need to practice these everyday alongside the feelings of knowing you are prosperous every single day, several times a day. You need to transform the thought of prosperity into a feeling of knowing you are prosperous so you just know deep down in your heart with total conviction that prosperity is now your reality.

Just know that, if you expect to run out of money, somehow you will, but if you expect to have plenty then plenty is what you will have, but there is still one vital ingredient required in this plan for positive money consciousness to work. This ingredient is the “Power of Gratefulness”.

So beyond thinking and feeling yourself prosperous, you need to be grateful for every single thing you have. Find five things to be grateful for each day. Simple things like having a roof over your head, having friends to talk to, having running water, having transport to get you to work, having your health, etc. The law of attraction works really well here. You will find the majority of wealthy people practice this process naturally in their lives/have a very strong sense of positive money consciousness and self value. They know what goes round comes round!

Practice these thoughts, feelings and declarations of gratefulness every day and see your life turn round in the next three weeks with increased opportunities.

To help you stay positive particularly if you are given to giving up after setbacks, take the Bach Flower remedy ‘Gentian’ and possibly ‘Mimulus’ if you have a real fear about losing money, and of course ‘Pine’ to feel deserving of a good life. Good Luck!

Our Critical Selves

It is an interesting process, that we are more likely to see our very own faults in others.

Deflecting attention from our own weaknesses and focusing on others tends to give us a sense of holiness, a degree of superiority and protection from being accused of such traits. We might openly declare to friends that these familiar characteristics are unacceptable in certain people. We may also admit having a smattering of these traits, such as being selfish occasionally or lazy but of course, never to the extent as observed in others. By making such confessions, making light of our faults and weaknesses, with an air of authority we find ourselves justifying these criticisms in others..

Whenever we find ourselves criticizing others, we need to be aware of four things.

Firstly, other people act as a mirror for our own thoughts about ourselves. Very often we don’t want to accept our own failings. Rather than deal with or correct them, we instead tend to invest our time pointing them out in others. In a skewed kind of way we are addressing these faults and weaknesses but only in a way to save us the discomfort of making the necessary changes to ourselves. We all know how challenging it is to develop new habits!

Secondly we tend to act aggressively toward those who have the same character traits we dislike in ourselves. There is some form of transference here. We don’t wish to be reminded of those traits. Attacking the person seems to temporarily resolve the situation, warding them off, ridding us of the person with these ‘detestable’ characteristics and so the ‘painful reminder is removed’. This is never a permanent solution, as sure enough, our own internal radar will find new subjects to pick on or indeed they will attack us making things so much worse. The story will just repeat itself leaving us very aggravated !

Thirdly, the more critical we are of others, the more likely we are, in fact, to be very critical of ourselves. It is very likely, that in our earlier years we heard lots of negative messages about ourselves that far out-balanced good positive messages. These messages would have come from people around us, family members, teachers, authority figures etc who would have had a strong influence on us at the time. So, we would have bought into these ideas of ourselves as true, leaving us with a poor self image of ourselves.

Finally, the more negative self talk we use, whether it is towards ourselves or others the more negative energy we direct to ourselves weakening our own body cells.

Science has now proven that a transmitting thought can be seen in the brain with sophisticated scanning. A thought is a thing. All things have a frequency or vibration which can be transmitted to ourselves and innocent people around us, hence why we can pick up negative atmospheres. Kinesiology is an Eastern therapy using acupuncture/meridian points to measure and maintain good energy flow in the body which is supported with positive thinking. Muscle testing is used in kinesiology to ascertain appropriate energy flow. It shows that when we hold a negative thought in our minds our muscles weaken, but when a positive event or thought comes to mind our muscles strengthen when tested.

If you identify with the above, then start today to begin appreciating yourself, by getting friends to identify and list your qualities to you, turn negative comments into positive ones. These processes can be enhanced by taking Bach flower remedy ‘Holly’ which will help you feel more loving and accepting of yourself and others enabling you to think more positively overall. The remedy Larch can help you if you are lacking in confidence so you gain faith in yourself to start achieving, whilst Pine enables you to release self reproach and feel more deserving of the good things in life.