Welcome to my website Minds On High. As the name suggests, I work holistically with balancing emotions to achieve peace of mind as well as balancing the mind body and spirit for improving health.

So what do I offer?

  • Laughter Coaching 8 week Course   For all your mental health and physical concerns. This course will take you step by step, week by week,  from desperation to a more balanced state so your natural creativity is actively sparked  into heightened motivation, a more positive and joyful outlook with increased energy levels and greater well-being.
  • Laughter therapy helps you connect with your playful creative self whilst also providing you with a wide range of health benefits which are scientifically supported. Lowered stress, boosted mood, suppressed pain, boosted immune system, improved cardiovascular health, improved sleep, relieved anxiety. improved focus and concentration as well as improved problem solving skills.
  • Bach Flower Therapy This is a talking therapy and a form of counselling to establish which of the 38 possible emotions are out of balance causing you unrelenting stress. Through your conversation with me, I am able to identify and match the appropriate Bach flower essence to balance each challenging mood expressed. Bach Flower Therapy can help counter stress, restoring you back to emotional health, peace of mind and well-being. The essences used are organic, totally safe, non toxic and derived from 38 specific plants, grown in their normal habitat. Ultimately this is a self treatment therapy whereby you will learn how to self treat for yourself.
  • Reiki is a gentle but powerful form of hands on healing. Reiki is a healing system drawing on ‘Universal energy ‘ to balance our own life force to It’s optimum. I like to call it loving energy as ultimately this energy is likened to the energy of love that we know as a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation, reaching the deepest levels to heal you emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.
  • Meditation -Yoga Nidra which is a relaxing invigorating form of guided imagery taking you to the deeper levels of your subconscious. Here you are able to access your deepest concerns to release your tensions and stress effectively. Other forms of guided imagery meditation are also provided to support you in letting go past hurts and negative situations.





Taking you from desperation to tranquil composure with attention, support and sensitivity

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