Always Troubled By Money Problems?

It does seem that life is a costly business: no sooner the money is in your bank or in your pocket, it just seems to exasperatingly disappear before you reach the end of the month. Again and again. So why is it that your friends earn the same as you, play the same as you and yet they have more of it to spend on holidays, etc?

It is very likely down to your ‘money consciousness’. So how do we resolve this situation for the better?

Firstly, we need to look at your attitude towards money and what beliefs you have around the subject. What messages did you grow up with? For instance if you heard ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ The likes of us will always be poor’ You really have to struggle if you want to make decent money’ ‘Money is the root of all evil’ then its likely these kind of comments are still echoing in your mind reinforcing your negative beliefs around money. What you believe and feel, is being mirrored out to you.

Firstly money isn’t evil, it is just a currency of your personal worth. So, (a) start valuing yourself more and (b) recognise that money has the ability to lift desperate people out of despair as many charities will show. Money like most things can be used for absolute good or of course misused and abused by those with low integrity.

To improve your money consciousness and self value, you need to change your beliefs so you hear yourself saying’ I am a money magnet’, ‘I am naturally prosperous and attract a comfortable life’. I earn enough to pay all my bills easily and more besides’. We need you to create as much conviction with the new beliefs as you already hold with your old ones, but of course, you need to eradicate the old ones altogether. So visualize yourself laughing with joy as you open cupboards packed with money, see yourself enjoying that Rolex watch you have always wanted, see yourself enjoying your favourite hobbies, jet-skiing, surfing, flying a plane, travelling the world, driving your favourite sports car. The images are endless. Next you need to practice these everyday alongside the feelings of knowing you are prosperous every single day, several times a day. You need to transform the thought of prosperity into a feeling of knowing you are prosperous so you just know deep down in your heart with total conviction that prosperity is now your reality.

Just know that, if you expect to run out of money, somehow you will, but if you expect to have plenty then plenty is what you will have, but there is still one vital ingredient required in this plan for positive money consciousness to work. This ingredient is the “Power of Gratefulness”.

So beyond thinking and feeling yourself prosperous, you need to be grateful for every single thing you have. Find five things to be grateful for each day. Simple things like having a roof over your head, having friends to talk to, having running water, having transport to get you to work, having your health, etc. The law of attraction works really well here. You will find the majority of wealthy people practice this process naturally in their lives/have a very strong sense of positive money consciousness and self value. They know what goes round comes round!

Practice these thoughts, feelings and declarations of gratefulness every day and see your life turn round in the next three weeks with increased opportunities.

To help you stay positive particularly if you are given to giving up after setbacks, take the Bach Flower remedy ‘Gentian’ and possibly ‘Mimulus’ if you have a real fear about losing money, and of course ‘Pine’ to feel deserving of a good life. Good Luck!