Can Bach Flower Remedies be Mixed?

I have often been asked if Bach Flower Remedies can be mixed, and the answer is an emphatical yes.

Bach flower remedies are the perfect remedy for any emotions that are out of balance that create a state of mild anxiety to absolute anguish and all the emotions in between. As there are thirty eight remedies there is a cocktail of remedies that can be taken at anyone time to suit the emotional imbalances being experienced at any particular moment.

When a major event occurs, we are usually affected with a range of emotions rather than a solitary one. We would therefore address those particular emotions and put together a mixture of up to seven remedies in the same treatment bottle to redress this imbalance.


For example, If we were to experience losing our job unexpectedly, depending on our own genetic make-up, this might present as a shock to us, likely to cause mental distress and placing us in a state of disbelief, so we would consider taking the remedy, Star of Bethlehem to harmonize this emotion. We would naturally go about applying for new positions, but if difficulties presented in having our applications acknowledged let alone converted into interviews we may feel so dejected we might consider stopping altogether. In this instance we may require the remedy Gentian. Gentian helps us get over setbacks quite quickly and getting us back on track.

If, on the other hand we make the decision that completing job applications is a totally hopeless exercise then taking the remedy Gorse would place us in a position of valuing the process of job seeking and we are likely to regain hope in securing a new job.

Should we start to withdraw from friends and people generally because that is how we tend to react when unhappy with our circumstances and preferring to be alone, then the remedy Water Violet is ideal for getting us to re-engage with others again.

If we begin to become fearful of losing our home, for fear of never getting another job with a secure income, then the remedy Mimulus would be most helpful to regain courage in this area and release the overwhelming emotion of fear and free us to re-focus on action that needs to be taken.

Of course our confidence could also be temporarily lost so Elm is the remedy to take to regain our confidence in our skills again. However if your confidence is lost to the extent that you no longer try for a job as you believe you will never be good enough to ever succeed then the remedy Larch would be more appropriate to raise your self-esteem.

You may start to become, touchy and argumentative as a consequence of your circumstances which would suggest taking the remedy Holly so you can return to your former calmer self whilst others find you more approachable.


Our thoughts do support our emotions so whilst taking the Bach Flower remedies it is highly recommended to make affirmations (positive self-talk) for each of the emotions we are intending to correct and balance. In this way we are likely to create good habits in supporting our moods and maintaining good health.


Any major event, such as losing one’s job, could have the impact of affecting your emotions to the extent that six of the eight emotions mentioned above could be the ones that are out of balance. We would address this anguish with a cocktail of six remedies. For some individuals a major event can unbalance many more and a different range of emotions in a short period of time after the event.


Two drops of each remedy is added to a 30ml bottle of spring water. Spring water is preferred to tap water as it is purer and is free of additives such as chlorine. A teaspoon of brandy or glycerine or cider vinegar is added to act as a natural preservative. The remedies will blend naturally together and work energetically together to help you transcend from distress to a calmer state. Four drops of this treatment bottle of remedies are then taken four times a day, taken via the dropper directly into the mouth, or put into any hot or cold drink. It can even be rubbed on the temples of the forehead. There are no known side effects, and can be safely taken with conventional medicine. When we balance the emotions by taking these remedies over a three week period, we remove the stress and we balance our own bio-chemistry so our cells can re-generate and heal. Be aware that new emotions may pop up that need balancing for us to regain full health.


Knowing that we can mix Bach flower remedies to create a healing treatment cocktail to balance our emotions towards mental and physical radiance, helps provide us with the courage, motivation and energy to re-design our lives for the better and achieve good health.