Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is not like other forms of yoga. Laughter yoga, also called Hasyayoga, is all about the practice of prolonged voluntary laughter. Such laughter over a prolonged period of 10-15 minutes daily using deep diaphragmatic breathing has been scientifically proven to induce a wide range of health benefits. Whether you laugh genuinely or do simulated laughter your body cannot tell the difference with the health benefits being exactly the same. This is practiced in small groups and can be done individually and is great fun for all as playfulness is also encouraged as part of the process.

Laughter yoga has been shown to:

  • elevate mood and energy

  • improve the cardiovascular system

  • support a healthy immune system

  • reduce stress hormones

  • improve sleep
  • support optimal concentration and focus

  • increase productivity and performance

Liz presenting Laughter Yoga at the Basingstoke & District Disability Forum. Photo by D&M photography



This is achieved in groups through simple  playful laughter exercises,  using eye contact and movement You are advised to wear comfortable clothing and bring water as laughter can be thirsty work. We follow the laughter with relaxation which can be done lying down on a mat or sitting in a chair as suits.


Laughter Yoga classes are currently being done online only


Please Call/text Liz on 07859 920107 for an update


  • Laughter Coaching 8 week Course   For all your mental health and physical concerns. This course will take you step by step, week by week,  from desperation to a more balanced state so your natural creativity is actively sparked  into heightened motivation, a more positive and joyful outlook with increased energy levels and greater well-being.
  • Laughter therapy helps you connect with your playful creative self whilst also providing you with a wide range of health benefits which are scientifically supported. Lowered stress, boosted mood, suppressed pain, boosted immune system, improved cardiovascular health, improved sleep, relieved anxiety. Improved self esteem and confidence,  improved focus and concentration as well as improved problem solving skills.
  • The course cost is £480. Half the payment is made on Week 1 (£240) and the remaining payment is made on week 2




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Liz is registered with Laughter Association UK and has Professional Indemnity insurance. Please consult your doctor before engaging in any activity.