Louise Hay Therapy

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There are times in our lives when we feel stressed, frustrated, let down, angry, upset or just cheated out of things we see others have in their lives. We ask ourselves “Why me, why is this happening to me?” Often there is a pattern in our lives which continues to repeat itself, ie broken relationships, challenging work situations, health problems, unmanageable finances etc. No matter what we do, they just keep on happening!

What if you could turn things completely around to the way you want them? What if you could finally have peace of mind, confidence, self assurance and unstoppable conviction to achieve anything you really desired. Well the good news is that you can. It may be that, at the moment, you are limiting yourself with belief systems that no longer serve you. Thoughts like “I’m not good enough” will affect your relationships, career opportunities, success, health and prosperity. You have as much right to enjoy better health, better career prospects , an improved social life, happiness and prosperity as those you see around you. The solution lies in changing your beliefs by changing your thought patterns and every day conversation, so that you think and sound like the positive person you so much want to be.

Dr Deepak Chopra (a renowned medical doctor in the States who practises holistic medicine) states that we have 97000 thoughts every day. 77000 of these thoughts are exactly the same as we thought yesterday and will think again tomorrow. We allow the same old thoughts to repeat and re-affirm how we feel about ourselves and our situations. So, by learning to change the way we think, we will change the way we feel about ourselves and the way we experience the world. This can only happen if you have a deep appreciation for yourself first.

With your own willingness to improve your life, I can help you to begin to recognise your own ‘deservability’ for all the things you desire in your life. By achieving this deep appreciation for yourself you will become more accepting of yourself, view yourself more positively, recognise your own talents more readily and, in turn, become more confident in yourself and what you have to offer others, You will understand why you have held limiting beliefs about yourself and will be able to take better control of your life by handling people and situations more effectively.

Through a range of carefully managed exercises and processes, I will be able to help you to move forward in your life to transcend current challenges more comfortably and understand why these have arisen. Enjoy your life – it is your right!