Positive Parenting


Positive Parenting Course

Parenting can be a very challenging process at times, causing anxiety, frustration, low moods and exhaustion alongside a sometimes chaotic and stressful home life, especially when we have other work and life commitments competing for our time as well. If you want to bond better with your children, create a happier harmonious home with the benefit of improved health and well-being for yourself and your children along the way then my course is tailor-made just for you.  In implementing a range of strategies and techniques, you can start to enjoy family life, bond better with your children and see more of those behaviours you like to see, whilst also easing all your parent frustrations.

You can also expect to become a better version of yourself, as your mindset is likely to change and as a consequence you will develop a degree of composure, enabling you to be the loving and supportive parent for your children, helping them thrive to become more resilient, more confident and more capable in accessing their life chances.

  • Master the joy of parenting for total family harmony
  • Learn how to manage your children’s behaviour positively
  • Enhance your relationships with your children and your partner
  • Create a loving and supportive harmonious home

In implementing the course tools, your own health and well-being are likely to improve

Register your interest by emailing Liz on liz@minds-on-high.co.uk or calling my mobile on 07859 920107