About Me


My name is Liz Doyle. I have gathered a vast range of experiences to support those who need help to not only improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being but also to find their own purpose in life, happiness and life success.

I qualified as a registered trained general nurse in 1978, leaving the profession after a few years to begin a family. It was at this special time in my life that I developed health problems associated with unresolved conflicts in my own childhood. Having resolved them with processes used in the Louise Hay philosophy, my health dramatically improved together with my family relationships.

I then went on to complete a science/technology degree whilst my three children were growing up and soon felt drawn to qualify as a teacher in 1996. During my teaching experience, my teaching skills supported individuals challenged by the educational system. I therefore went on to work with teenagers and young adults with difficulties associated with autism for some time, then went on to work with primary school children who had been excluded from school.

I worked with psychologists to develop a programme which successfully re-integrated the children back into school. Interestingly, I then discovered the link between poor behaviour in school, truanting and specific learning difficulties. As a consequence, I completed a course in specific learning difficulties and recognised how poor self-esteem and negative self-belief systems limit our own opportunities to create our own happiness and the lifestyle we so much desire.

Children who regained their own self-belief and experienced raised self-esteem not only began to achieve better academic results, but their friendship groups became bigger and stronger as they became more confident. Often children with specific learning difficulties suffered with various skin conditions – these conditions improved dramatically as they began to succeed in the classroom with the correct support systems. This mind-body connection was the absolute evidence I needed to re-affirm to myself that there is so much work and healing to be done to help others fulfil and achieve their dreams.

Regular involvement in my husband’s business gave me an even bigger perspective of how positive visualization and positive thinking can create those very experiences we desire in our lives. At the same time, I was updating my nursing knowledge to support my part-time nursing position in the local hospital. These experiences gave me the impetus to qualify as a Louise Hay teacher, become an effective personal coach and lead valuable transformational workshops. In 2009 I gained further experience working as a Parent Support advisor, supporting family dynamics so not only did parents enjoy parenting more positively but childrens’ self esteem and confidence increased to get the best out of school life. More recently in 2017 I qualified as a Laughter Yoga Teacher running regular Laughter Yoga sessions, which are not only fun but also afford a wide range of health benefits.

This increased the scope of my qualifications further, which include a Science degree, PGCE qualification for teaching, and those acquired during my years in nursing. I am also a Reiki Master and Teacher. In 2005, I qualified as a Bach Flower Practitioner.   I also practiced as a Parent Support Adviser delivering Parenting classes regularly to create family harmony and improve the children’s life chances. 2009-2012.  I am thus able to holistically provide a specifically effective range of treatments to correct and balance most physical and emotional needs for health, happiness and success.