Heal Yourself Happy

Heal Yourself Happy

Attending the Heal Yourself Happy workshop is highly recommended if you are challenged with a highly pressurized lifestyle. Having so many commitments that require a constant juggle has us often feeling inadequate or at the very least frustrated. There are all kinds of reasons as to why we become overwhelmed with our overloaded schedule which could simply be due to a matter of not giving ourselves permission to relax for that invaluable half hour a day or even allow ourselves time to engage in a favourite pastime. In doing so, we would recharge ourselves, re-group, allow our soul sing within but instead we so often feel denial is a trait to be admired and pursued.

Attending the workshop will have you realize the range of emotions that surface on a regular basis and how we can have the same unhappy feelings being experienced day in, day out. Yet, it is totally unnecessary. For we are only a workshop away from finding our way forward to balancing these emotions to feel more positive and in control of our lives.

We can do this quite simply and effectively by matching the unbalanced emotion, to any one of the 38 Bach flower essences, that help balance the negative emotion into a positive one. The Bach flower essences are natural, organic and totally safe, which makes the remedies/essences perfect for babies and children. So, when your child becomes noticeably nervous and shy amongst people you would look toward using MIMULUS, when a child is given to more tantrums than usually CHERRY PLUM would be most effective in creating a calmer child dispensing with the distressing explosive outbursts that can so easily overwhelm them. Taking these drops in drinks makes the healing process so easy and convenient for all to establish.

When we as parents, employees, partners, have deadlines that are difficult to meet we place ourselves under a lot of stress which if allowed to continue may result in ill health. This stress is the conflict within us that manifests as negative emotions not only affecting us directly but adversely affecting those around us. Being able to achieve these deadlines within the comfort of knowing that our sense of self- worth, self-accomplishment and personal pride remain intact, our sense of satisfaction and happiness increases. Our perception of being more efficient and effective delivers us a further sense that all is good in our lives and that we are better manage the ebb and flow of life.

How much better will life be when we learn to manage all our fears that otherwise restrict and limit us into a life that is not of our automatic choosing. How freeing is it to just do as we plan without an incumbent emotion holding us back. For these reasons alone, it is important we do not let anything tangible stand in our way preventing us achieve this life’s purpose. It is important we do not shy away from showing our natural talents and skills for they serve a purpose in improving the lives of others around us. As a society, we need to feel less fearful and more courageous and joyous in all we do and raise the level of accomplishment, fulfilment and joy for all to benefit. It is important, therefore that we access as much knowledge as is available and claim the life we deserve to have and experience.

So, let us all heal ourselves happy by attending the Heal Yourself Happy workshop. Here you will increase your awareness of how you think, how your thoughts form your emotions, how your emotions affect your mood and in turn your health. You will learn the impact of how powerful your thoughts are and indeed how they affect your mood and health. Combining the Bach flower essences with the right kind of self-talk makes for a winning partnership that will provide you with the perfect set of tools to self-treat / self-heal ourselves for a glorious life.

As though this was not enough, you will learn how laughter, that free, cheaply available resource, can also have profound effects on your health. There is so much research available to support this statement. But curiously the simplest element of laughter that is so healthful is the element of playfulness. Children teach us how to play, for in normal circumstances they know how to be happy and healthy. When they laugh, their whole-body laughs, as every cell in their body is joyous. This will be addressed and acknowledged amongst many other features in the workshop to help us all bring that joy into our lives so easily.

For further information contact Liz on 07859 920107 or liz@minds-on-high.co.uk

Natural Alternatives to Paracetamol – disposing the anger

Pain killers that are natural, effective, non invasive without side effects can be produced by our own bodies if we follow a natural process open to us all.

So, in recognising you are continually plagued by chronic pain in this joint or another or perhaps you may suffer with aches from time to time. Either way, the chances are, that your body is feeding back to you that you are expressing anger and letting you know you need to release it. It is not unusual to have these aches and pains accompanied with periods of sheer exhaustion as we try to battle through our restricted movement.


Firstly we need to identify who and what we are angry at. It can so easily be a loved one that angers us. We can love this person dearly but at the same time they may have certain habits that we find extremely irritating. Rather than deal with them at the time, we instead feel it easier to just bear this frustration and ignore it by squashing that emotion deep down into our psyche. Months and even years of swallowing those irritating and angry moments take their toll in our bodies. Further damage is created by taking strong pain killers that also impact on healthy tissue altering their bio chemical balance and cell structure. We then continue to become exasperated when, our own GPS, Consultants and Specialists fail to remove our pain for us, after all, they are the experts aren’t they! At this point we need to recognise our own position in this scenario. Our bodies are screaming out for us to address those emotions that are at the end of the day are a form of energy. This energy form has its own atomic structure sending out vibrational energy that is interfering with the normal healthy vibration of your otherwise healthy body cells. So our painfully ailing body cells are crying out for you to externalise this angry feeling and free up your body of this internal pollutant. Your anger may have arisen from a set of frustrating circumstances, in which case, it is helpful to think back to when the pain started, then think what happened some weeks earlier, It may be people you had almost forgotten about linked with the situation. Now you are closer to finding the ad source of your anger and it could involve several people at any one time. Either way release work is imperative. We can do it by the following methods.


Writing a letter to the offending person stating why you are angry. However, this letter is not sent, but screwed up at the session end, jumped on and finally set alight safely outdoors. This may possible need to be repeated several times over several days.


Putting together an effigy from plasticine or playdough of the person that has angered you. You can pull off the arms, legs, head, whilst shouting out why they made you angry. Then of course let it go and hold no further malice toward this person.


Ripping newspapers with gusto is also an excellent form of externalizing anger whilst having the offending person in mind. Do this until you are totally spent with exhaustion.


Running off the anger to the point of exhaustion works well for many athletic types.


Punching pillows until you feel you have nothing left inside of you is also a good externalising option.


After the externalising process has been effected, it is now time to forgive. This does not mean you condone what was done to you but that you are no longer letting that person or situation to continue having any power over you. You recognise that the person did not know any better at that time and you are going to free yourself up for ever of any emotional attachment. If you can shrink that person to being a foolish child that has no true understanding of what they did, it will be easier to let go and forgive, because the individual did not behave to their chronological age but to the emotional age of an immature youngster. We set them free and so we set ourselves free. We forgive them.

Now feeling free, send love, wishing them well. In doing this you are following the principle of what goes round comes round, and thereby attracting ‘good’ into your life and so improving your overall well-being whilst dispensing with all that pain. Congratulate yourself for recruiting your endogenous natural pain killers by releasing your anger and engaging in forgiveness. Now go enjoy your pain free life with renewed vigour!