I put love into my daily schedule

“I put love into my daily schedule, whether I go to the market or the office, or just stay at home”

When we choose to put love into our day regardless, it just flows. People sense our lightness and feel comfortable in our presence so all matters become free of agendas and all just flows nicely without any resistance whatsoever.

This energy flow is completely opposite to the day that begins with us having woken with an angry or low mood.
We are having to fight with that side of us that would rather stay in bed or withdraw from our usual obligations. This negative mood comes from a place where we do not feel good about ourselves, where we mentally have a go at ourselves, where we have lost our sense of self worth and self love which is then projected onto those around us. This is when People show themselves to be less helpful when we are grumpy, sensing our negativity and opposing it.

So, lets take a deep breath and remind ourselves that we are just a walking miracle deserving of all good things. Fill that well of love within, knowing we can make that choice. We now draw on our good nature, show kindness and patience to all including ourselves. In doing so, we are more forgiving of others and life just works. Soon, we see our good positive loving energy gets returned tenfold!

If being able to feel that sense of self worth evades you then
you may wish to take the Bach Flower remedy CRAB APPLE especially if there are aspects of yourself that you dislike.
If on the other hand you are consumed with anger then this symptom of lovelessness in your life can be balanced with the Bach Flower remedy HOLLY.

Taking these oral remedies over a 3 week period can help you regain that sense of love within you so you can in turn share this love in all you do with all the people you meet. Just watch how the joy in life also returns
Please note you may need to repeat the 3 wkly cycle if you have felt ‘loveless’ for a long period of time.