Ann Griffiths, tutor at Queen Marys College, Basingstoke

"Thank you so much for speaking to my students on Friday. Your talk was very informative and you managed to adapt it to suit the audience... You answered the questions very well. Keep up the valuable work you do."
"Your talk was very informative... Keep up the valuable work you do"

SW, Bournemouth

"Being able to talk about how I feel with Liz, and then being given practical help: in my case Bach Flower Remedies and Visualisation, has been a marvellous help, as I can apply these whenever needed."
"Being able to talk about how I feel with Liz... has been a marvellous help"

SP, Basingstoke

"Thank you Liz, for your patience, kindness and guidance. I still have some way to go but that is so exciting and I know I have the strength and the tools in Louise Hay's affirmations. I believe Liz, that you have an innate ability to relate to all kinds of people on different levels. I had a deep sense of peace and trust in you which is so important when embarking on this kind of wonderful experience. I believe with your guidance and support Louise Hay's work can benefit all kinds of people."
"Thank you Liz, for your patience, kindness and guidance"

DH, Silchester

"After just three treatments my anxiety has reduced to the extent that I now feel far more peaceful. The quality of my sleep has improved leaving me more energized to meet my work demands. I now feel generally more positive and more able to find solutions to problems and my sense of despair has now vanished. On a physical level my back pain has improved significantly. I can only thank Liz for her attentiveness, her kind and gentle yet professional approach. Liz has really helped me move forward in both my personal and professional life."
"After just three treatments, my anxiety has reduced"

V Basano, Basingstoke

"I found my sessions with Liz left me uplifted and confident whilst making changes in my attitude more positive."
"My sessions with Liz left me uplifted and confident"

C Stevens, Basingstoke

"Liz, you have given me hope and a plan for the development of my ‘higher self’ with your comfortable reassuring manner and special individual considerations."
"Liz, you have given me hope and a plan for the development of my ‘higher self’"

J Challis, Aromatherapist/Reflexologist, Basingstoke

"Through your guidance Liz, my motivation to increase and expand my own career path has helped me and my clients immeasurably."
"Your guidance... has helped me and my clients immeasurably."

Zoe, Basingstoke

"Although I didn’t know about Louise Hay’s work at the time, I instinctively knew that holding so much pain could not be good for me. Having reiki treatments with Liz has been a profound experience for me. It seems to work on many levels. Firstly, it gives me a feeling of absolute calm and inner peace. Secondly, it makes me feel loved and cared for. Thirdly I at times feel I went to see Liz Doyle because I have had some difficult experiences in my life which were traumatic and caused me to feel very unhappy, Although counselling had helped me, I wanted to find a way of removing or releasing the emotional pain from my body. emotional during a reiki and cry. This seems to be a part of the releasing process and because Liz has a sensitive and caring nature, I feel safe enough to allow this to happen. As a result of having reiki with Liz, I now feel lighter and happier and much more rooted in the present. This is a huge achievement, since I have felt traumatized by my experiences all my life. It feels life enhancing and invigorating to be free from emotional pain, living in the here and now, with new hopes and joys for the future.

The work Liz does on positive affirmations has been integral to my healing and a powerful tool in changing my outlook on myself, my relationships and my life.

When I first met Liz I spent a lot of time feeling anxious about not having enough money for life’s needs. I have learned form Liz to focus on having enough money and the feeling of anxiety has shifted. Within my work place I have been offered more opportunities for earning more money and consequently I feel happier. I used to suffer with painful and enduring headaches. Using the affirmations in Louise Hay’s book. “You can heal your life” I have reduced my headaches to very occasional ones and it feels good to feel so well. Liz has enabled me to become more aware of the way I think about life. I have learned that changing my thoughts changes my behaviour. This in turn changes the way others relate to me and opens my mind up to new opportunities I previously would not have thought possible. I now expect more from life and in turn the quality of my life has improved. Thank you Liz!"
"The work Liz does on positive affirmations has been integral to my healing"

Victoria, Basingstoke

"I have had 5 Reiki sessions with Liz and would like to leave some feedback on the positive influence Reiki is having on my life. I will break this down into three areas, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Physical: During my first Reiki session, Liz identified a couple of areas that were lacking in energy. She was quite accurate. I have had issues with my lower back for years. Drs have prescribed strong pain killers and antidepressants but I knew this was not the answer. I have had sessions with an osteopath for many months, which has really helped but over the past 5 reiki sessions I have noticed the decrease in back pain and especially the increase in mobility. Liz also identified issues with my legs (i am cabin crew so am always on my feet), this was becoming a concern for me as I have never had achy legs before. Week by week the achy legs have decreased, there is still someway to go but I know continuing the Reiki with Liz will eventually solve this problem. The biggest physical change is in my menstrual cycle. I have suffered years with endometriosis, PMT and cold sores, all of which are linked. I thought this was just something I had to put up with until this month. I had no PMT and actually was surprised that my period had started. For the first time in many years I was totally pain/fatigue/cold sore free. For this reason alone I will continue with Reiki. Each reiki session feel a slightly different. I can feel soft pulsating energy throughout my body and find myself really relaxing. As the weeks go on I'm am relaxing more and more throughout the session. It's a wonderful floating feeling, that has me re-energised for the rest of the day.

Emotional: My hope for Reiki was to release me of all the emotional blockages I was carrying around. This is defiantly happening. I have cried a few tears, however feel that these tears needed to come out as I have controlled my emotions for far too long. We all experience hurt and disappointment in our lives but sometimes we do not allow ourselves to release them. Reiki has allowed me to freely show and express my emotions. After the fourth session, I caught a virus that presented itself on my skin. This was defiantly a reaction to an emotional experience suppressed inside, I know this as I have experienced it before when I was going through a very difficult time in my personal life. It cleared up quickly and I acknowledge the importance of it presenting itself so I can move forward. I'm becoming more positive in my thought processes and more confident to not allow others negativity to influence me. This has been very empowering, I work in an environment that at times can be negative, however I am now able to deal with this in a way that benefits me and others.

Spiritual: I have always been a very spiritual person and wondered if meditation would be good for me. Since having Reiki, I have found myself meditating. This stills my mind and allows me to focus more clearly. I have been following my interest in all things spiritual, something I have only previously thought about.

Overall: Reiki has helped sleep more soundly but as yet I'm still waking tired. This is years of jet lag and working through the night finally catching up with me. I have no doubt in my mind that whilst the sound sleep continues I will begin to start waking up full or energy. I'm not quite sure why Reiki found me or what I was expecting, but it has had a very positive influence on my life. This is also down to the beautiful loving energy Liz gives out. I love our sessions as I really feel safe and cared for. She really listens to what you have to say and is very interested in the changes that are happening as a result of the healing. As the weeks go on I am getting more and more benefits. It's subtle changes, but slow is good as it's easy to maintain."
Reiki has had a very positive influence on my life. This is also down to the beautiful loving energy Liz gives out

H, Basingstoke

"Liz, you are an amazing lady, full of enthusiasm, passion and energy! Laughter Yoga has turned my life around, all thanks to you!"
“Liz, you are an amazing lady, full of enthusiasm, passion and energy! Laughter Yoga has turned my life around, all thanks to you!”