Group sessions are being planned . Your first Yoga Nidra session is complementary.

One to One 60 minute meditation: £35
Venue: Worting House, Worting Road, Basingstoke, RG23 8PY


Yoga Nidra is a meditation using a technique to awaken your own divine ‘genius’. This is achieved by accessing your own subconscious and unconscious states and in doing so, entering the state of your super-consciousness.
Through guided imagery, I take you through each step to access deeper levels of your own subconscious. At the session end you can expect to feel relaxed, refreshed and rested.

However, the primary benefits of this technique relate to its deliberate effect in switching off particular areas of the brain; specifically, those areas associated with ego. These areas maintain our values, our shortcuts, our ‘musts’ and our ‘shoulds’; activity in these areas make meditation difficult. Reducing chatter allows you to enter a dream-like state. In such a state, your brain no longer functions in limited compartments but in fact becomes a homogenous entity where both hemispheres of the brain communicate seamlessly with each other. At this time, all sense of space and time disappears as your awareness and perception function at a supreme level. You are now freed to engage with your divine faculties, limitless forms of understanding and knowledge.

Enjoy the realization of your newly developed perceptions to experience significant changes in your philosophical, moral and ethical outlook as you practice Yoga Nidra regularly. Removing old limiting perceptions and beliefs  during this process will also improve your health significantly over time.


To book your place in individual sessions, please call Liz on 07859 920107 or email